Unstoppable Affiliate Review

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Review of Unstoppable Affiliate

Unstoppable Affiliate comes in over 50 videos

Here is the full text of my review of Unstoppable Affiliate, the new video/pdf course on how to become a super affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton as it appeared in Kickstart Newsletter.

Unstoppable Affiliate Review


Introduction: The Internet Lifestyle

What is the Internet marketing lifestyle? We hear about it all the time, and some of us even claim to live it – but what is it really?

My definition is simple: it is the ability to live your life on your own terms, secure in the knowledge that your income, from Internet marketing, will more than fund it.

It is not about the number of hours you work so much as the enjoyment you get from all the hours in your life.

In my case it means eating out a lot, going to the movies a lot and taking days off whenever I want to. But my needs are simple and I love staying at home more than anything. And although I could follow the 4-hour ‘work’ week, I don’t really think of what I do as being work anyway! Doing stuff on my computer is my hobby and most of the time is just a lot of fun.

Probably a more general view of the Internet lifestyle is of someone who jets from exotic place to place, works only when absolutely necessary – and from the beach at that – and makes more money from their efforts than they can ever spend.

I know a lot of full-time Internet marketers, many of whom make really big money, but I’ve only known two people who fit the jetset image in any way at all!

But I do know a lot who could drop everything and live life on their own terms whenever they want to.

Oddly, of all the people I know with that ‘lifestyle freedom’, almost all – probably 90% of them – are affiliate marketers. Their entire business model is based on selling other people’s products for a commission.

It is often said that to make real money online you have to produce your own products and get affiliates to sell them for you, but I beg to differ on that. Producing products can be very profitable, but it can also be exceedingly hard work. It can take months of serious effort to plan, research and create the product in the first place, can often cost quite a lot in development costs too, especially if it is software based. And as for attracting that army of affiliates, that in itself can be time-consuming and frustrating because even assuming that you have the contacts (or know someone who does) they are busy people who may not be able to fit in to your carefully devised launch schedule.

Don’t misunderstand me – creating your own products is a great way to make money online, but it is certainly not the easiest method!

And, as many big-name marketers have seen this year, you can put in all that work, expense and effort and still have a failure on your hands.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, has many advantages without many of the problems.

For example, it is largely set-and-forget. You build your affiliate site, do all the things you need to do to attract traffic and search engine love, then pat it on the head and leave it to send you money. Then you go on to build another affiliate site, and another.

Affiliate marketers build ‘Multiple Streams of Income’ that protect them from many of the ups and downs of the market. If you have ten sites making you money and three of them slow down, the chances are good that some of your other sites will do a little better and balance things out. or, it is easy enough to build a few more sites to catch whatever wave is current today.

Another big advantage that affiliate marketing has over selling your own products is that you very rarely have to do any customer support. As an affiliate you are the middle man who introduces a buyer to a seller, so if there are problems along the way, or questions to be answered, that’s the job of the vendor, not the affiliate.

For that reason, affiliates are far less tied to a desk or an email account. They can disappear off, enjoying their version of the Internet lifestyle, for weeks at a time and nobody will notice.

And, as an offshoot of that, they can remain largely anonymous if they wish.

I suppose that the closest offline analogue to an affiliate marketer is a commission-only salesman, but the analogy is very poor. For one thing, the offline salesman needs to rely on the force of his or her personality to sell. Salesmanship is the be all and end all. The ability to deal with – and persuade – people is vital. Affiliate marketers are not really salespeople at all. They are more like go-betweens who act as a conduit between the people who, by the very fact that they are searching for something online, have a problem they need solving and the sales page that offers them the solution.

I suppose ‘introducers’ would be a good description.

It is the salespage – which is the responsibility of the vendor, not the affiliate – that does the work of closing the sale. The affiliate’s job is merely to make sure the potential buyer sees that sales page.

If you aspire to your own version of the Internet lifestyle – whatever that means to you – then learning how to be the best affiliate you can is by far the best way to achieve your aim.

Unstoppable Affiliate – Review in Detail

Learning how the super affiliates really operate is often difficult because the really top people, by definition, are not the ones creating products teaching it.

I mentioned earlier that I only know of two people who really live the jet-set lifestyle that is traditionally associated with being super-successful online. Both are affiliate marketers, but luckily, one of them is also very good at teaching what he does and how he does it.

That guy is Andrew Hansen, a young Aussie who, but his own admission, takes at least a week’s vacation every month! Although he lives in London now and has visited my London Lunches on occasion, tying him down to a date is like knitting spaghetti because he is forever out of the country!

I will say this though – when he does come along he is always surrounded by people because he loves to share his secrets and has a very calm and easy way of explaining exactly what he does that works so well.

A few days ago I learned that Andrew and his business partner Josh Stanton, have produced an exhaustive course, called Unstoppable Affiliate, that lays their entire affiliate marketing business model bare, right before your eyes.

In 50 or so videos (some are very short and some are 20-30 minutes) they break down EXACTLY what they do into really simple steps that absolutely anyone can follow.

I’ve known Andrew for some time and have enjoyed some of his other products, but this one is in a whole new league. Although I AM a pretty successful affiliate marketer in my own right, I learned at least three things from the first four videos – any one of which was worth the whole price of the course for me.

There is no black hat, dodgy dealing. There are no shady tricks. There is nothing in this course that would get you in trouble with Google in any way. Unstoppable Affiliate is a genuine process that will turn you into a super affiliate the fastest and most effective way possible.


Let’s talk a little about the sales process, because so many products launched lately mess up big time with outrageous claims, absurd hype and outright lies on their sales pages.

Andrew and Josh don’t need any of that.

There is a good video on the sales page, which, unusually these days, has all the controls on it that you need. You can pause it, fast forward it and even stop it. And it tells you exactly how long it is too! It is sad that I even think that is unusual enough to mention!

If you don’t much like sales videos you don’t have to watch it. I recommend you do because Andrew’s presentation style is refreshing, but everything is down below on the sales page too, so if reading is more your thing it’s all there for you.

Incidentally, that attempt to cater for all tastes follows through into the product as well because although it is primarily a video course, each of the videos has an accompanying PDF transcript for those who prefer the printed word.

One thing that I know many people (including me) dislike on sales pages is the way so may of them throw up an alert box as you try to leave that offers you a reduced price. I’ve seen some that have as many as 5 and they really get on my nerves.

There is one closure alert on this sales page and it is one that is a bit different.

Instead of making a phony cut-price offer, what Andrew has done is offer you the chance to get the entire product for $1.

The way it works is this: you can either pay the full price up front, or you can elect to pay in three instalments Рthe first of which is $1 followed by the second instalment five days later.  The overall sum is the same, but if you are unhappy with the product you can cancel the 2nd and 3rd payments before your five days trial period are up.

I would be very surprised if anyone did cancel though because the course is worth its weight in gold – and certainly far more than the low price Andrew has put on it for now.

Speaking of the low price – this is just an introductory rate and will increase in a few days time, so don’t put off grabbing Unstoppable Affiliate while it is still in launch phase.

One thing I should mention – as far as I understand, there is a problem with the trial offer payment. Andrew says that 50% of people are able to take up the offer with no problem, but for some bizarre reason the rest are not. He is working on it but if it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry about it – just go back to the sales page and pay the regular amount. You are guaranteed either way so it won’t make any difference.

If the $1 trial is important to you and the page doesn’t let you get at it, drop me an email and I will send you a direct link that should work.

Whenever I’m considering buying a product I almost always check out what people are saying about it on the product review section of the Warrior Forum. There are people there who are negative about everything, so I know to take some of the comments with a pinch of salt, but in the case of Unstoppable Affiliate the 57 comments (so far) are exceptionally positive. Not just about the product, but also about Andrew Hansen himself.

Oh that more marketers could have such a shining reputation!

The other question that people often ask me regarding sales processes is about upsells. How many and how relevant are they to the main product.

In the case of Unstoppable Affiliate there is just one (as far as I know) and it is for a coaching course with Andrew. The aim is to provide more in depth personalised training for all the concepts involved with UA and as such, it augments the main product very well. Do you need it? No. The main product gives you all the information you need, but for many people, real-world training is very important so I would guess that this option will be popular.

Frankly, if I was in the market for personalized training, there are few people I’d rather do it with than this very successful – and extremely personable young man.

Inside the course itself (this wouldn’t be much of a review if I didn’t tell you about the content) the teaching is done in four sections:

1. Research

Here are ten videos that cover all aspects of finding niche markets and product to sell to them. There is a ton of information in here are a lot of things that I never knew about before.

It goes on to show you how Andrew assesses the niches, finds the best keywords, determines the likely profitability and uses tools like Google insights in ways I have certainly not seen discussed before.

2. Site Creation

This section shows you how to build quality websites that work. Everyone should take notice of the things taught here no matter what kind of sites they build because this is the stuff that will keep your sites earning you income long after your competitors are thrown out of the search engines.

3. Conversion Strategy

It isn’t enough to build a great website that the search engines love. Affiliates only make money when the visitors to their sites click through to the vendors’ sales page – and take action when they get there. That’s called conversion and is often missed out or glossed over in affiliate training.

Not so in Unstoppable Affiliate. There are 13 videos here to teach you everything you need to know to ensure that your visitors convert as well as is humanly possible.

More conversions equal more money for you. It is as simple – and as vital – as that.

4. Traffic Mastery

The final piece of the jigsaw is traffic. No traffic, no income – so it is a really important arm of the course.

There are another 13 videos here that will turn you from a traffic novice to a demon!

All in all I think you have got the idea by now that I’m seriously impressed with Unstoppable Affiliate. It really is the key to whatever type of Internet lifestyle that you aspire to.

It gets a huge Kickstart Recommendation from me.



Follow Up…

Since my initial review there have been more videos added and a
whole new section on outsourcing, so the course is now even
better value than I originally thought.


As my inbox has been full of questions over the weekend so I will
show the most common ones here:

1. Are the videos downloadable?

– No. They are streamed on a site that you get access to after
you join. Andrew says that they have been optimized to run well,
even on low speed broadband, but a downloadable version is not
likely to be offered.

2. Are there PDFs?

– Yes, although the course is intended to be delivered by video,
each video has an accompanying PDF transcript.

3. Is the $1 trial genuine?

– Absolutely. You can get five days in which to decide whether to
keep it and pay the balance of the price in two instalments. This
shows a huge commitment by Andrew and Josh, and a great deal of
confidence in the quality and value of the product. A confidence
that I believe is totally justified.

You can get the $1 trial by closing the initial sales page at
http://kickstartrecommends.com/unstoppableaffiliate (wait for it
to finish loading before you close it) and then clicking on the
Cancel button in the box that pops up.

4. Is Andrew a real person?

– I can understand where that question comes from as so many
products are now being launched under fake names as the real
people behind them have become tainted by the underhand tactics
they have been using. I can assure you that Andrew is 100% real –
he has been to my London Lunches and has been a well-known
success story online for about 5 years.

I have never heard any negative words about him and his products
have always been of the very highest quality.

5. How much extra will I have to spend to put Andrew’s course
into action?

– Nothing. Although some of the things he teaches can be done
faster and easier if you have professional tools (for keyword
research, for example) and when you are totally comfortable with
the methods you may want to outsource some of the process, right
from the start you can do all of it for no more than the cost of
a domain name and hosting.

6. Is the information covered in Unstoppable Affiliate available
in other courses that I might have?

– I don’t know what other courses you have, or how well you have
studied them. And I’m certainly not familiar with everything that
is on sale. I can say that a lot of what I discovered in UA has
been new to me, so I certainly haven’t seen it anywhere else.

7. Is it really step-by-step?

– Yes. Each video shows you clearly how each step works. When you
are familiar with the process you might change the order you
personally do things, or you might choose to drop some of the
steps out. That’s your choice and you are free to adapt the
methods to your own style of doing business. However, from the
beginning, UA doesn’t leave anything out and explains everything
so that even a complete beginner should be able to follow along
perfectly well to become a super affiliate in their own right.

8. Do I need the upsell training?

– Some people learn better when they are guided by a real person,
and that method has the huge advantage of being able to ask
questions and gain extra clarity if anything confuses you. For
that reason, I have to say that for the right person, the
training will be invaluable.

Is it necessary? No. The videos cover everything and for me, give
quite enough information. But if you prefer more personal
training, then the upsell is very much worth considering. At the
very least make sure to read all about it because the first
training option offered is a one time offer that you won’t be
able to access again later.

9. Is the ‘introductory price’ genuine?

– Yes. The price of the course, which is delivered as over 50
videos (with accompanying PDF transcripts) is currently just $67.
But that will go up in a few days after the launch week is over.
As I write this there are just 4 days left of the launch price.


The launch price and, I believe, the $1 trial end in just 4 days.

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The Most In-Depth Internet Marketing Survey Ever is Yours for Free …

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I have news of an amazing new free report that I’m sure you’ll

As long-time Kickstart readers will know, The creator of
XSitePro, Paul Smithson, is a good pal of mine and last time we
got together to have a few beers and a chat he told me about an
incredible survey that his company, Intellimon, has just

It is one of the biggest online marketing surveys ever undertaken
– so big that he had to employ several full-time researchers from
the University of Bradford to collate and analyze all the data.
It has thrown up a mass of extraordinary information on all kinds
of stuff that is incredibly valuable to us online marketers.

This is the kind of market intelligence that would normally be
sold for hundreds of dollars as a ‘confidential manuscript’, but
Paul has decided to give it away completely free.


This Traffic Survey report is 139 pages of answers to all kinds
of questions about what and how people go about generating
traffic. This is one of the most important aspects of Internet
marketing, and getting this kind of rare insight is totally
unique in my experience.

All it will cost you is your email address, but as Paul and his
business are among the most ethical you’ll ever find, sharing
your email address with him will never be a problem.

This IS a sprat to catch a mackerel (as we say here in the UK)
because huge as this report is, it is signaling something that is
coming soon that is even bigger. So big that I don’t think there
has been anything like it ever produced before – and I’m proud to
say that I am a small part of it. But I can’t tell you anything
more about that today.

For now, grab your free copy of The Traffic Survey Report and be
prepared to be blown away by the depth and quality of the
information that Paul is giving away.


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iPhone App – Foursquare – What Do You Think?

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Have you come across any interesting and/or useful iPhone apps lately?

A friend was showing me something called FourSquare the other day and I may well download it myself. It combines a social networking platform with a means of getting consumer reviews about all kinds of places that may be near to where you are.

I’m not convinced by the social part personally, but the rest sounds interesting.

Let me know if you are using it and what you think.

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