November 2010

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The Most In-Depth Internet Marketing Survey Ever is Yours for Free …

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I have news of an amazing new free report that I’m sure you’ll

As long-time Kickstart readers will know, The creator of
XSitePro, Paul Smithson, is a good pal of mine and last time we
got together to have a few beers and a chat he told me about an
incredible survey that his company, Intellimon, has just

It is one of the biggest online marketing surveys ever undertaken
– so big that he had to employ several full-time researchers from
the University of Bradford to collate and analyze all the data.
It has thrown up a mass of extraordinary information on all kinds
of stuff that is incredibly valuable to us online marketers.

This is the kind of market intelligence that would normally be
sold for hundreds of dollars as a ‘confidential manuscript’, but
Paul has decided to give it away completely free.

This Traffic Survey report is 139 pages of answers to all kinds
of questions about what and how people go about generating
traffic. This is one of the most important aspects of Internet
marketing, and getting this kind of rare insight is totally
unique in my experience.

All it will cost you is your email address, but as Paul and his
business are among the most ethical you’ll ever find, sharing
your email address with him will never be a problem.

This IS a sprat to catch a mackerel (as we say here in the UK)
because huge as this report is, it is signaling something that is
coming soon that is even bigger. So big that I don’t think there
has been anything like it ever produced before – and I’m proud to
say that I am a small part of it. But I can’t tell you anything
more about that today.

For now, grab your free copy of The Traffic Survey Report and be
prepared to be blown away by the depth and quality of the
information that Paul is giving away.