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Kickstart 10-minute Interview: Sarah Staar – MoneyMakersTV

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Some time in mid 2009 I met Sarah Staar and her partner Dave Ingram at a seminar we were all attending. I was immediately struck by how switched on they were, even though they hadn’t really got started in Internet marketing yet.

Sarah and Dave are professional videographers who spend their days filming and interviewing politicians, business people and pop groups, but they wanted to use their obvious talents in online marketing.

They started attending my London Lunches (I don’t think they have missed one since they started coming) and it was a real pleasure to watch as their online endeavours grew.

The culmination of a whole lot of effort and enterprise is an amazing website called MoneyMakersTV where you can watch interviews, see videos of entire Internet marketing seminars or follow Sarah’s own coaching and training films. The value and content that has been packed in is astounding – and it is growing all the time!

At yesterday’s London Lunch I sat down with Sarah to do a Kickstart 10-minute interview. We didn’t quite manage to keep to ten minutes – we ended up at 11! (There is a bit of restaurant clatter in the background so apologies for the sound quality).

It turned out to be a great insight into how she thinks and works and is very inspirational for all of us.

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Incidentally, Sarah’s MoneyMakersTV is well worth looking into and I highly recommend it. There is a $1 trial offer right now, so it a great time to give it a go. MoneyMakersTV $1 Trial

$1000 in 3 Days by Sarah StaarSTOP PRESS: Sarah has just launched a brand-new video course called $1000 in 3 Days that shows exactly how she does just that (in fact, the promotion she documents made over $2000 in just a week).

Here is what I wrote in Kickstart:

As you might have noticed, one of my favorite types of Internet marketing products is the kind where you get to actually see what someone who is successful really does. I love to watch over their shoulder to discover their personal techniques for making money.

Even though I often know, in broad terms, the strategies they use, everyone brings something of themself to any process and it is those personal tweaks and refinements that I find most fascinating.

More to the point, it is those little things that often make the difference between a system that works so-so and one that flies.

I especially like it when I see tips and ideas that I hadn’t known about before – one small tip like that can be worth thousands to me!

Jason John’s excellent Niche Blog Advantage course that I waxed lyrical about last week was one such product that ticked all the right boxes and judging from the number of Kickstart readers who bought it, and wrote to me to thank me for the recommendation, a huge number of folks agreed.

Well, if you liked Jason’s product, you’ll love the one that is being launched this morning.

Sarah Staar is a familiar name to Kickstarters, and particularly to those who attend the London Lunches. She is one of those people who has entered the Internet marketing arena with the force of a rocket and has built up a very successful business in a very short time.

That’s because she is one of the most ‘get up and go’ people I know. She is testing and tweaking all the time and has a great way of breaking a system down into simple and manageable pieces.

Recently, Sarah made over $1000 in 3 days from a particular type of promotion she ran. In fact, she ended up making over $2000 in a week from just one promotion.

That’s nice, and any of us would be happy to have a one-off success like that, but what Sarah did was not a one off. It was a process that was based on very repeatable steps that anyone could follow.

So, being the marketer that she is, Sarah made a series of videos documenting the entire process. In the seven videos she covers absolutely everything you need to know to repeat her successful promotion, over and over again.

The series of 7 videos is called ‘$1000 in 3 Days’ and, to coin a phrase, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

As I said, this is my favorite sort of product because it is practical, easy to follow and certainly easy to emulate.

When Sarah asked me to review it I was really pushed for time – travelling backwards and forwards to the hospital to see Delia – but I made the time to watch it all and I’m really glad I did. I made a lot of notes!

I get asked to review a lot of products and am quite picky about what I’ll recommend. But I could immediately see how anyone can benefit from using Sarah’s system, and how very unlikely it is that the market will get saturated. If you take action, in the ways that Sarah clearly explains, there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t enjoy the same success that she does.

I’ve even given her a glowing testimonial, so my money is firmly where my mouth is!

Take a look and be one of the very first people to get hold of the ‘$1000 in 3 Days’ system.

Kickstart 10-minute Interview: Nicola Cairncross

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I’ve known Nicola for quite a few years now – our paths have crossed at many Internet marketing seminars and workshops, but it is only in the last year or so that we’ve really got to know each other. I guess that’s largely due to her attending the London Lunches I put on every couple of months and so really having time to chat.

Nicola is a very switched on lady who, apart from the many other hats she wears, is a brilliant coach. In this Kickstart 10-minute interview with her, we really get to find out what motivates her, why she does what she does and what makes her tick.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and your comments will be very welcome.

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Apologies for all the background restaurant noise – this was recorded on my iPhone at the London Lunch, so under the circumstances I think it sonds pretty good! 🙂

Nicola’s book, The Money Gym Book was reviewed here and in Kickstart Newsletter recently, and has been a real hit with everyone who bought it. Money Gym Book Review

Kickstart 10-minute Interviews: Jason Johns

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Jason Johns is the creator of the new video product called Niche Blog Advantage that allows you to watch over his shoulder as he both explains and demonstrates everything you need to know about researching and creating successful niche blogs.

At the recent London Lunch – the premier UK networking event for Internet marketers – I managed to grab ten minutes with Jason to find out what makes him tick.

Find out a little more about the man behind one of the hottest and most recent new product launches.

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Niche Blog Advantage (special launch price valid for a few days only)

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