Over the weekend I was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access
to the new CBPredators software that is due to launch tomorrow.

It’s the one that was giving away free stuff last week (still is
if you hurry – http://urlnex.us/cbpredators ).

While I was very happy to point you at a bunch of useful
freebies, I was a bit concerned that CBPredators wouldn’t live up
to its promise and I’d have to recommend against buying it. After
all, freebies or not, I don’t want to start promoting stuff just
for the sake of it.

So it came as a relief to get inside and find that a lot of
thought has gone into it and – from my admittedly early
impressions – it seems to be a winner.

So what IS CBPredator?

It is a membership site (with a very low monthly fee – I’m not
allowed to say how much it is yet, but you will be very
pleasantly surprised) that lets you create fully-featured review
sites for some of the top selling ClickBank products.

The makers say that you can create a money-making website with
CBPredator in just 18 clicks of the mouse. I didn’t count, but
I’d say that is an accurate statement as the whole process is
dead easy and you are guided through the entire thing.

At the moment they have about 30 product reviews to choose from,
with more being added by professional writers all the time.

In case you are concerned that they will get so many members all
making sites based on the same reviews, let me put your mind at
rest. There are two safeguards to ensure that YOUR review will be

1. Each review will only be available to a limited number of
members. Once it has reached its quota it will be withdrawn.

2. In order to publish your site you have to make changes to the
review – spin the text to make it read differently. The process
to do this is very easy, and because it is written by you it will
always be human readable, and not auto-spun gobbledygook.

They don’t leave you high and dry on traffic either.

Building a website for you is one thing, but getting traffic to
it quite another. The guys behind CBPredator are aware that
traffic is a problem for many people and so a lot of effort will
be devoted to teaching you all about what works.

And naturally, the sites are built with the latest cutting-edge
ideas on SEO, so they should start getting natural search traffic
pretty quickly on their own.

The whole system has been built by Mike Merz, Chris Fox and
Jerome Chapman to automate their already established methods of
building successful, income-generating review sites. They know
their system works really well and have devoted their energies to
capturing that successful formula without compromising its

In fact, their beta testing period has apparently netted the team
over $100,000 in profits!

I’ve already made my first CBPredators site, and can attest to
the fact that there was nothing complicated about the process
whatsoever. You don’t need to know anything about building
websites at all – the software does it all for you.

In fact, I’m very happy for you to take a look at my first
CBPredators site – a review of a ClickBank ebook called Truth
About Abs: The Facts About Abs – it took about half an hour
from start to finish – and that includes me going to GoDaddy to
buy the domain!

It is just a basic WordPress blog, but note that although I’ve
left it as it comes ‘out of the box’, the blog is totally
customizable – you can change all kinds of look & feel things if
you want to.

The basic setup gives you the blog and all the plugins you’ll
need, automatically created for you at the click of the ‘Publish
button’ and the main review page. It also includes those boring,
but important nuts and bolts pages that are linked to at the
bottom of the page: a privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimer,
contact us and about.

Once your blog is set up for you, it is dead easy to add pages
too. In fact, I’ve added 20 articles to be drip-fed into the blog
over the next week. I got them all from an article directory and
it cost me nothing – apart from about half an hour to post them

This really is a very simple system to use.

The CBPredators sales page goes live at 3pm Eastern, tomorrow –
Tuesday April 20th – but I’m thinking that with the limits on the
number of people who can use each review, they may fill up all
their available places rather quickly.

For that reason, if you haven’t get yourself on their
announcement list already (by registering for the freebies they
are currently giving away) then do so now because it’ll be a case
of first come, first served.

And when launch time comes around tomorrow, get in quick at 3pm
EST (8pm UK time) in case there is a server meltdown!

I’m lucky to have review access right now, but I can tell you
straight that if that is revoked after the launch, I’ll be one of
the first in line to pay to join.


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